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Lots of questions to post on and add to the discussion, e.g., -

*Do comments by Bolton, Sefcovic and Birmingham suggest US, Europe and Australia are going to get serious about building critical metals value chains outside of China?

*What is Lynas’ future? Will they stay in Malaysia? Go elsewhere to process? Move any new manufacturing to ...? 

*Is Malaysia waving goodbye to future foreign investment in potential car, battery, magnet facilities?

*Problem for Northern Minerals with their Chinese financial backing? A warning for other RE extractors?

*Can Rainbow sort out their costs versus income problems?

*Do Medallion and Rare Earth Salts have a partnership destined for US RE  success?

*Is Greenland Minerals a sleeping RE giant?

*How do RE focused companies find a place for themselves in the RE value chain as it presently exists re., Chinese domination?


*See Blog - 1/12/2019

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