Why you shouldn’t be in a hurry to change phones

Public meeting on rare-earths, other critical materials

Despite attacks, Afghan leader touts investment at Davos

Situation critical for critical metals

Global energy transition powers surge in demand for metals

How the US lost the plot on rare earths 

Aetna's high-performance permanent magnet is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in the market (needs google Trans)

Operation of rare earth permanent magnet materials industry in 2018

Endangered’ elements used to make mobile phones are running out quickly, scientists warn

The Catch No One’s Talking About: Renewable Energy Relies on Non-Renewable Resources

LG Chem joins global group for ethically sourced minerals

New blockchain pilot to address strategic mineral supply chain concerns

Japan's massive development of the seabed "rare earth mine" (needs Google Trans)

Rare earths deja vu: Chinese crackdown = higher prices


Rare Earth Elements Support Renewable Energy Technologies

Fraunhofer IKTS unveils alternative for PV home storage based on sodium-nickel-chloride

Is a Global Rare Earths Shortage Imminent?

Sodium-nickel-chloride battery could fit the bill for India

A Growing Crisis: Strategic Metal and Mineral Independence

Japan will officially develop South Bird, Okinawa Seabed Rare Earth Mine (need Google Trans)

Energy Storage Europe: Fraunhofer IKTS presents…

Rare Metals From E-Waste

A look at BMW’s electric future, its impact on supply chain and sustainability

(*article gives RE enthusiasts some food for thought)

‘Every batch’ of rare earth exports faces oversight: ministry


Rare Earths: BMW’s fifth-generation REE-free electric drivetrain 

Magnetized Microalgae Could be the Future of Medicine


Rare Earths market analysis from Roskill

The new Gold Rush

China poses biggest threat to U.S. economy, freedom

China's far side of the moon mission is just the start of its space ambitions 

Russia approves reduction of rare earth metal mining tax (needs Google Trans)

Trade wars threaten supplies as investors eye rare earths in 2019 

The Cleantech Revolution Fuels Market Demand for Rare Earth Metals

Japan Discovered a Rare-Earth Mineral Deposit That Can Supply The World For Centuries

NOI issued for funding opportunity to improve REE and CM recovery from coal resources

The Coming Scramble for Africa

Risky Reliance: The US's Dependence on China for Rare Earth Minerals

Bacterial protein could help find materials for your next smartphone

Todays Market View - Metals slide on US dollar strength and Q4 GDP concerns (*Read the section on – “Rare earth producers neglected in EV expansion”)

Rare Earths Outlook 2019: EV Production to Drive Demand

Rare Earths Outlook 2019: EV Production to Drive Demand 

Germany: Looking for rare earth substitutes for electric vehicle engines (needs Google Trans)

China’s Dominance in Rare Earths Threatens European Electric-Car Industry

We Might Not Have Enough Materials for All the Solar Panels and Wind Turbines We Need

Raw materials: 'holy grail' of 21st century industrial policy

Australia plans deal with U.S. on 'critical minerals', hopes to boost its exports

Fundamental shifts for rare earths following an electrified automotive industry

Australia aims to become world li-ion battery manufacturing powerhouse

Importance of rare earth metals mining makes it into COP24

Losing licence to operate new and biggest threat to miners — EY

Roskill: Fundamental Shifts for Rare Earths Following an Electrified Automotive Industry

The (illegal) trade between China and North Korea returns

Doubts Return About The Future Supply of Non-Chinese Rare Earths

Risky rocks: Open up US mines or let China control strategic minerals

Trump’s Tariffs On China Kill Rare Earth Mining In US 

Pre-empting the next rare-earth crisis

Tariffs on Chinese rare-earth minerals create a sticky problem for US competitors

Prized 'Rare Earth' Minerals Feel Scorch of Tariffs 

Real Time Economics: Can the U.S. and China Strike a Trade Deal?

Rare earth mineral discovery set to make Australia a major player in electric vehicle supply chain

GM unplugs the Volt, but EV's aren’t dead: Liam Denning

'Iron-based 10MW generator possible' 

World first as wind turbine upgraded with high temperature superconductor

Race for lithium illustrates EU drive for ‘strategic’ raw material

Unless new supplies are found soon, carmakers may engineer rare earths out of EVs altogether/

VW to convert three German plants to build electric cars

Shortages of rare earth elements could limit clean energy development

Sustainable wind needs a sustainable waste stream,sustainable-wind-needs-a-sustainable-waste-stream_55859.htm

Just when you think the US couldn't display more gall, they do something like this ... 

Why A Transition To Clean Energy Alone Is Not Enough For A Sustainable Future 

Risky reliance: US dependence on China for rare earth minerals

China Is Beating the US in the Rare-Earths Game

New 3D Printing Process Creates Magnets with No Rare Earth Waste, Greater Design Flexibility

Shortening the Rare-Earth Supply Chain via Recycling

Price volatility for rare earth minerals is expected due to shifting demand and supply

China won’t seek to control global rare-earth market by cutting output

China not trying to control global rare earth market: industry official 

Shortages of rare earth elements could limit clean energy development

Industrial Magnetics Introduces New Rare Earth Magnetic Circuit Options for Processing Facilities

Trade War, Day 111: Companies Buckle Up For Supply Chain Shifts

China cutting rare earth output, unnerving global manufacturer

Klinger Featured in Sarah Lawrence Magazine as Global Citizen

Tin, tungsten, copper and rare earths now ranking as world's leading strategic metal needs

Rare Earths: Scarce Natural Resource Needed for National Security Drives Innovation

A rare metal called neodymium is in your headphones, cellphone and maybe even your car — and China controls the world's supply

Metallic solution to keeping cool

Rare-earth magnets from hard drives are re-used in motors

Demand for hybrid and electric vehicles likely to fuel the growth of the rare earth metals market

Bio-fishing’ for rare earths

How protein fragments can be used for the recycling of electronics waste

Fully Metallic Furnaces with Tungsten Heating Elements

2018 Research Report: Innovative Technologies for the Recovery and 

Reuse of Heavy Metals and Rare Earth Elements from End-of-Life Electronics and Batteries

"Downward-looking telescope" could "transform" Australian mining industry: experts

Portable sensors well-suited for identifying REEs

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Clean Energy Boom Could Fuel One of the World's Dirtiest Industries

Could coal ash be a viable source of rare-earth metals?

 US researchers win award for rare earthsrecycling innovation (Sept., 2018)