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Critical minerals are vital for renewable energy. We must learn to mine them responsibly 

The return of resource nationalism 

Japan to pour investment into non-China rare-earth projects 

China rare earth shortages if production halts ripple through the global supply chain!/if-china-rare-production-ripple-through-the-global-supply-chain-20200214

The Metal Trump Wants More Than Gold

China's rare earth magnetic materials production in 2019

Affected by the epidemic, the operating rate of rare earth enterprises in Ganzhou is only 20%

International Rare Earths Expert Alastair Neil Steps in as the 8th Annual Technology Metals Summit (#TMS2020) Conference Coordinator

China's rare-earth sector at 20% capacity as companies face shortfalls on logistics, labor fronts 

US rare earths production now second only to China, says USGS

Stormcrow Capital: Rare Earths Not a Trade Weapon

U.S. drones scour globe for rare earths

Trump Administration Is Not Trying To Save The Coal Industry, New Energy Secretary Says 

U.S. Drones Scouring for Rare Earths to End Reliance on China 

The inevitable impact of the Coronavirus on the world’s rare earths supply. 

Rare Earths ETF Could Benefit From Increased U.S. Output 


Peter Navarro: ‘Under-mining’ strategic mineral security

US rare earths production up 44% in 2019 — report

QRC welcomes appointment of Minister Keith Pitt

An Australia-Japan partnership could be crucial for minerals security

Trillions at Stake: The Next Battle In Asia Is Over North Korea's Rare Earth Resources  

How China can win a trade war in 1 move 

Reclaiming rare earth metals 

Australia’s minerals industry thanks Matt Canavan

Explorers Podcast: How are trade wars and China’s EV battery ambitions impacting the rare earths market? 

Rare Earths ETF Contends With Increased Shipments   

Canadian rare earths metals look for shot in the arm from U.S. government funds 

Asteroid Mining Could Solve Rare Metal Shortage 

Discussing the outlook for rare earths with Roskill's David Merriman

China 2019 rare earth magnet shipments to U.S. rise 12% from year ago

Alaska is rich in critical rare earths 

Call for Canadian mining to become more ambitious carries long-term geopolitical consequences 

Iran begins producing rare earth for first time

Rare earth elements present challenges, opportunities to the U.S. economy, defense, and supply chain


Japan to lift stockpiles of metals for EVs, wary of China's clout

The Left’s Opposition To Mining Threatens Its Green Dream – OpEd 

The next chapter in the US-China rivalry? 

Jack Lifton on scandium, yttrium, rare earths and the US-China trade agreement 

New focus for critical minerals

China says 2019 rare earth magnets output maintained steady growth


Japan’s dream to produce rare earths still stuck in the mud 


Potential New Rare Earth Elements Supply from Phosphoric Acid 

The left's opposition to mining threatens its green dream

China's rare earth consolidation to cut supplies

Australia reckons it can become an ‘international powerhouse’ in critical minerals

Critical Minerals Facilitation Office launches

Clint Cox: No Premium for Non-Chinese Rare Earths Supply

Canada and U.S. enter collaboration on critical minerals

China: China Publishes Draft Export Control Law 

RE market sees limited impact from US-China trade deal

How China gained control of the rare earths market 

China to buy rare earths from U.S. as part of trade pact

Australia and the US: a rare, rare-earth partnership

Puts Canada in a Policy Bind

China to control rare earths as exports decline, new policy to take effect

China rare earth exports rebound in December, but annual shipments lowest since 2015

Listing ceremony of rare Earth Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences held in Ganzhou City

Roskill predicts tight supply of NdFeB magnet rare earths 


#TradeTalks: Rare Earths are Vital to Modern Technologies & the U.S. Supply Chain has been Restored

Canada and US finalise critical mineral collaboration plan

Electronics manufacturers need to act to ensure sustainable rare earths supply

Rare insights in the war on corrosion 

US Seeks Canada’s Aid to Break China’s Rare Earths Dominance 

Summary of important rare Earth policies in 2019

Canada unlikely to see long-term benefits of U.S. rare earth deal

Department of Raw Materials Industry participates in the launch of rare Earth Automotive Catalytic Industry Consulting and Research Project

738 Billion Defense Bill plus U.S. and Canadian Critical Materials Memorandum Equals Pivotal Year for Rare Earths

Rare Earth Trading always needs to grasp the pricing Power

China launches NEV battery recycling regulations

Mineral supply for green tech should be part of climate negotiations -scientists 

In Russia, reduced the rate of mineral extraction tax on the extraction of rare metals – Economy and business 

Imports of rare earth ore fell in November

China's rare earth permanent magnet exports in November fell slightly month-on-month

The Ionic Rare Earth Demonstration Project of Chengdu Institute of Geological Survey settled in Xiamen 

Everything You Know about Rare Earths Is Wrong 

Rare Earths Outlook 2020: Trade War to Dominate Supply and Demand 

Warning: rare earths are not rare - but they are difficult

Why Asia weaponized rare earths, soybeans and palm oil in 2019 


U.S. Getting Back Into Rare Earth Processing to Break China’s Monopoly 

Chinese exports of rare earth magnets to the United States fell 21.2% month-on-month in November

Geopolitics of rare earth elements found in the Asia-Pacific region

New method to make laser optics more effective and cheaper

China’s Rare Earth Exports to the US Decline as Trade Tensions Abate

Trump says he and Xi will sign China trade deal

Cerium Effect on the Permanent Magnet Industry

China rare earth magnet exports to U.S. slide by a fifth in November

Rare earths trade between China, Myanmar facing challenges 

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region: exploration of 42.87 kilotons of new rare earth oxide resources in 2019

China Color shares hold Special report meeting on "Manufacturing Power and New rare Earth Materials"

Factbox: How China Tariffs on U.S. Commodities, Energy Stand After Phase 1 Trade Deal

A Pentagon Push For The Rare Earths ETF 

Using Magnets to Recycle Rare Earth Metals


Tens of millions of dollars US plans to hoard rare earth magnets "neodymium magnets" 

High-power, low-cost motor will ‘pack a gallon into a pint’,_low-cost_motor_will__91pack_a_gallon_into_a_pint_92.html 

Russian scientists have found a way to make laser optics more effective and cheaper  

Pentagon to stockpile rare earth magnets for missiles, fighter jets

Canada joins U.S.-led efforts to break free of China’s rare minerals chokehold 

What's behind US Army's investment in rare earth? 

Clean Up the Critical Rare Earth Supply Chain 

Midhani wants India-US defence ties to extend to alloys and rare earths

Never a dull day in the world of rare earths 

The US steps up the hunt for crucial rare earths 

Strong market Myanmar bans the export of rare earths for continuous fermentation the concept of rare earths in A shares is strong

Commerce Resources sees further encouragement from Quebec rare earths lab tests 

Japan industry ministry gets $423 million extra budget to strengthen resource policy

Rare Earths Applications in Magnets

[SMM Analysis] Myanmar is expected to see a sharp rise in heavy rare earths after another customs ban on rare earth exports[smm-analysis]-myanmar-is-expected-to-see-a-sharp-rise-in-heavy-rare-earths-after-another-customs-ban-on-rare-earth-exports/ 

Myanmar has banned rare earth exports to China 

U.S. Army extends deadline to apply for rare earths project financing 

US relying on ‘state capitalism’ to maintain hegemony: Analyst 

Army probes rare earth facility funding 

World’s rare earths market to hit $5.62bn in 5 years 

Chinese scientists have made new breakthroughs in the field of basic research on rare earths 

Are rare earths used in Solar Panels and Batteries

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Rare earths become the newest 'decoupling' frontier

Rare earth "dominate"! The way for China to take the lead in the United States and Australia is beginning to be difficult

West coast aggressive in its pursuit to become a battery metals powerhouse

There’s Still Concern About America’s Reliance on Mineral Imports — Especially from China 

Japan energy panel calls for better reserve scheme for oil, rare metals 

US Army will fund rare earths plant for weapons development

US Military Reportedly Wants to Pump Money Into Domestic Rare Earths Plant for Arms Production  

The Integration of rare Earth and New Energy vehicles releases great potential

The U.S. Military faces the Rare Earths Supply Chain Gallows

The digital economy’s environmental footprint is threatening the planet

China rare earth exports dropped 27.6% in November

Why everyone’s talking about Australia’s rare earth 

The start of Dongying, a rare earth catalysis project of national brand, will lead to the industrial cluster of 30 billion-50 billion 

Create a new highland of rare earth functional materials 

IDA Announces Strategic Partnership With SWCC For International Workshop On Innovations In Ocean Brine Mining For Rare Metals & Minerals 

Voice of Real Australia: Our rare chance to beat China at its own game 

Trump's quest to quit China's rare earths hits outback Australia

Canada looks into mining critical minerals for US market 

The Colorado Springs Gazette: Battery car burdens appear worse with each new report


Local training a rare opportunity 

Two ways to play the move to EVs

What are rare earth metals and why they are China’s nuclear option in the trade war with us

China blames us for escalating trade fight

Rare earths industry welcomes new US-Australian deal to ensure critical minerals supply

Neutrons probe ultra-cold condensate for insight into quantum matter

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Rare earths, coal ash options considered amid trade-war talks

Today's news: copper production in Chile fell slightly to 493988 tons in October * the rare earth market may be positive in December * the new energy industry is entering a cold winter 

Ensuring rare-earth dominance crucial in trade war 

Russia wants to attract Indian investors to mine rare earths in Far East 

China boosts production of rare earths, which could hurt prices as other nations start new mines 

High efficiency gains to spur use of PM motor in future EV designs: Report 

Rare-earth metals fall to 7-month lows as China resumes Myanmar supply 

What will come after rare earths exploration, deputy minister asks Perak 

reason to panic over rare earth exploration - Perak MB

Run a broken leg! The United States has found five countries to guarantee the supply of rare earths! Unexpectedly, China suddenly stepped in

Against the Odds: China Expanded Quotas For Rare-Earth Metals

China rare Earth Industry Association: production of rare Earth luminescent Materials from January to October 2019

Uncle Sam must support our rare earths 

Are rare earths used in solar panels? 

Perak PKR criticises state for rare earths deal with China firm 

Prioritise local SMEs over rare earths mining, Perak told

Perak rare earth exploration not the same as Lynas - Harapan MP 

Perak MBI says aware of Bukit Merah disaster, only ‘exploring’ safety of rare earths option

Australia/US Deal To Loosen China’s Grip On Rare Earths  

China boosts rare earth output to record highs to ensure dominance in trade war with US 

Perak, Putrajaya acting irresponsibly on rare-earth deal with Chinese company - NGO 

After MoU signed, green group asks Perak not to mine rare earths

The United States Lags on Critical EV Minerals Development

China's rare earth magnet exports to U.S. in October jump 21.7% month-on-month

China’s Rare-Earth Boost Threatens U.S., Australia Growth Plans

Countering China’s Grip on Rare Earth Commodities

Greenland Is Not For Sale. But It Has The Rare Earth Minerals America Wants 

Rare earths a rare opportunity 

Offshore wind turbine 20MW generator ready 'within three years' 

NE Wyoming's Local Governments Commit To Dept. Of Energy Project 

China is out of economic ammo 

US Hedges Against China Threats With Australian Critical Minerals Alliance

Chinese firms plan rare earth manufacturing hub in Hebei 

China to speed launch of rare earth futures contracts, Shanghai exchange says

Rare Earth Minerals Could Be Sourced Through Outdated Smartphones, Batteries, Wind Turbines 

Australia Angling to Increase Rare Earths Supply Chain Strength 

Whole chain of production will free world from rare earth monopoly' 

Economic diplomacy: Australia’s BRI, aid revamp, and integrating Asia

Australia and US Agree to Develop Critical Mineral Assets- Beginning of New Partnership Amid Trade War? 

Smart devices score poor marks on recycling

US, Australia to fund rare earth projects

We Must Rebuild American Uranium, Rare Earths Infrastructure

Cooperation between Australia and the United States Geological Survey on key Mineral projects such as rare Earths

Australia’s mining industry on cusp of electrification, blockchain and AI

When It Comes to Rare Earths, the U.S. Still Depends On China

Australia and the US aren’t messing around, they’re getting even more serious about critical minerals

New investment will further open North West Minerals Province


Australia signs critical minerals research agreement with U.S.

Australia, US ink agreement on rare earths to tackle China's dominance

Lynas CEO presents at FORTUNE Global Forum 


China Put In Spotlight As West Debates Challenge Of Rare Earths In Brussels 

Qld govt commits A$13.8m to unlock critical minerals 

Breaking new ground: The EU’s push for raw materials sovereignty

Rare earths – a new front in Sino-US trade war

Defence Export Facility now open to rare earth miners 

In rare-earth quest, Japan to deploy US-made drone sub


Star editorial: 'The rare-earths'


Australia launches office to boost rare earth projects 

Australia builds focus on becoming critical minerals powerhouse

Canavan heads to US to punt critical minerals

Pentagon wants rare earths

Commonwealth expands critical mineral funding

Oz govt moves on critical minerals 

New finance options for rare earths mines

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs answers the question of rare earths: willing to meet the legitimate needs of the development of all countries with their own resources and products

China lifted rare earth production quotas for 2019

China in focus as West debates critical minerals challenge 

Canberra's rare earth cash splash for defence projects 

Australian government introduces funding for critical minerals sector

The government pledges cheap funding for Australian rare earths projects

Murkowski: U.S. Made Vulnerable by Lag in Key Mineral Extraction

United States sitting out race to mine ocean floor for metals essential to electronics

China in focus as West debates critical minerals challenge   

Know the minerals your phone is made out of 

Rare-earth Wars: China Expands Production to Squeeze US Entrants 

China Raises Annual Rare Earths Quotas at Least 10%

The collapse of American rare earth mining — and lessons learned

Rare Earth ETF Steady as China Boosts Quotas Quotas