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[SMM Analysis] Price of Light, medium and heavy rare Earth products goes up smoothly[smm-analysis]-price-of-light-medium-and-heavy-rare-earth-products-goes-up-smoothly/

China dominates patent filing on rare earth elements

Rare Earths the First Tech War Casualty

‘Weaponized’ Currency and Mining Limits: China’s Responses to Trump Take Shape

China’s rare earth producers say they are ready to weaponise their supply stranglehold, pass any tariff as cost to US customers 

China wants US to bear the cost of trade war by making rare earths more rare

Industry association indicates Chinese rare earths shipment to US may slow down

China rare earths exports rise for 2nd month in Jul

Rare earth nation's edge

[SMM rare Earth Daily Review 08.07] Light, medium and heavy rare earth products will be available in the future.[smm-rare-earth-daily-review-0807]-light-medium-and-heavy-rare-earth-products-will-be-available-in-the-future/

Trump’s Quest to Quit China’s Rare Earths Hits Outback Australia 

July rare earth: rare earth reversal of permanent magnets ushered in the off-season 

America, Australia, And Japan Try To Limit China's Rare Earth Dominance -- It Won't Be Easy 

Time to Capitalize on Rare Earth Abundance in the United States 

REMX Holdings Struggling To Turn A Profit 


Rare earth prices rally on potential commercial stockpiling

France wants to extend its shelf off French Polynesia

Us Announces Promotion of Strategic Partnership with Mongolia to discuss rare Earth Investment

China vows to take trade fight to Trump

Trump: rare earths essential to US defense

China has 'few good options' to hit back against new US tariffs

China warns of retaliation for US tariffs

China Threatens US With Retaliation After Fresh Tariffs: Here Is What It Could Do

The three major stock indexes all fell more than 1% and the rare earth permanent magnet sector performed brilliantly.[stock-market-review]-the-three-major-stock-indexes-all-fell-more-than-1-and-the-rare-earth-permanent-magnet-sector-performed-brilliantly/

US relations with other countries should not target China

BMW Electric Cars Will Be Free of Rare Earths from 2020 on

Extracting the truth about rare earths

Cari: Rare earths, muddy thinking and endless shades of grey 

In June 2019, the export volume of rare earths rose by the same period.

Rare Earths’ Role in Rise of Magnetic Metals for Electrification of Non-Conscience Motion, KTA to benefit?

At a glance at the release of rare earths around the world, we can see why rare earths have become a hot topic of discussion under trade frictions.[smm-article]-at-a-glance-at-the-release-of-rare-earths-around-the-world-we-can-see-why-rare-earths-have-become-a-hot-topic-of-discussion-under-trade-frictions/

Source: Putrajaya set to allow Lynas waste to remain in Malaysia

US rare earths diversification efforts hardly reduce reliance on Chinese supply 

Prices of rare earths drop in low consumption season

Rare earth magnet exports from China to US fall 3.9%

3-nation alliance involving Lynas set to break China’s rare earth dominance, says report 

US and Australia team up against China's dominance in rare earths

Govt prohibits mining of atomic minerals by private entities 

Recycling Efforts May Undermine China’s Rare-Earth Monopoly 

How Japan won rare earths trade dispute over China

Rare Earths As A Pollution Tracer In China 

China June rare earth magnet exports to U.S. fall 3.9% from May

Countering China, Trump Seeks to Increase Domestic Production of Rare Earths

Modern Societies Require Minerals and Mining – And America Is Largely Dependent on Foreign Sources

Fraudsters ordered to pay back over £370,000 after "rare earth metal" scam

What If China Bans Rare Earth Exports To The U.S. 

Freeman throws down rare earth gauntlet

Presidential Determinations on REE Production a Defining Event for Ucore

Ground control to Major Tom: rare earths from the moon 

[SMM Analysis] waiting for the news surface to boost the future of medium and heavy rare earths[smm-analysis]-waiting-for-the-news-surface-to-boost-the-future-of-medium-and-heavy-rare-earths/

US rare earths diversification efforts hardly reduce reliance on Chinese supply 

Yoursay: How on earth can mining be 'sustainable'?

US Deems Rare Earths Production an Issue of National Security 

China’s number of rare earth patent applications is twice as many as outside China, experts warn that rare earth related technology is much more advanced

Trump Directs Dept. of Defense to Search for Alternative Sources of Rare Earth Magnets

Malaysian environmentalists demand Australia stop supporting corporate polluter Lynas

Rare-earth exports down 27% in June, may affect US manufacturing

Seabed mining is coming — bringing mineral riches and fears of epic extinctions

Trump amends Defense Production Act for Rare Earths

U.S. continues push for domestic rare earths supply

China’s appetite for rare earths just keeps growing… and its supply options are limited 

Trump asks Pentagon to find new rare earth sources 

Aspiring rare-earth producers should focus on niche products – F&S

rare earths industry can weather any Chinese trade battle

Rare Earths in the US-China Trade War 

Rare-earth exports down 27% in June, may affect US manufacturing 

Trump tells Pentagon to find better sources of rare earth magnet

Beijing’s posturing over arms for Taiwan

The U.S. rare earths saga continues…

China’s Grand Strategy to Exploit United States’ “Soft Underbelly” Goes Beyond Rare Earths 

Establishment of Mineral Development Authority of Malaysia being studied 


BC coalfields may be a source of rare earth  


China’s war chest of rare earth patents give an insight into total domination of the industry  

Klinger Interviewed for Podcast on Rare Earth Element 


Rare earth plate makes a comeback, institutions are optimistic that the market will continue 


Adamas: China rare earth imports from Myanmar spiked in May before being banned 

British Columbia’s coal deposits to be studied for rare earths 



China Sends America Another Warning On Rare Earths -- Seriously! 


Malaysia’s RM700 billion trove of mineral wealth  


Harvesting rare-earth metals from the moon will happen this century, NASA chief says 


Battery metal supply struggles  


Govt mulling rare earth mining industry following discovery 


China-U.S. feud heats up with sanctions against U.S. arms suppliers to Taiwan  


What Rare Earths Tell Us about China's Competitive Strategy  


Rare earths are found in everyday items, from TVs to smartphones and fridges 


Marco Rubio: We’ve Got to Stop Depending on China for Rare Earth Resources 


Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee passes bills aimed at Appalachian natural gas and coal 


Wong Tack, less an environmentalist, more a propagandist ― Arveent Kathirtchelvan 


China’s Rare-Earth Curbs Could Benefit Japan, Says Magnet Maker 


Amid China Trade Tensions, Pentagon Eyes Toxic Rare Earths Development in US   

Rare earths can be deterrent without ban on exports  


China can effectively sanction US companies who sell weapons to Taiwan: experts 


Rubio Slams China’s Rare Earth Monopol 


China rare earths exports rebound in Jun as prices grow slower  


Pentagon races to track rare earths output amid China trade dispute  


Modern Societies Require Minerals, and Mining  


China, US.: Beijing takes Aim at US Defense Firms Over Taiwan 


Pentagon races to track US rare earths output amid trade war with China  


Supporting a rare-earths industry in Australia 


Claims by rare earths opponents need to be examined 


China June rare earth exports rise, snapping two months of declines  

Rare Earths Market Update: H1 2019 in Review 


US bill calls for all-American effort to boost rare-earth supply 


The great green myth about electric cars  


China Trade War Update: Senator Rubio At It Again  


Regulation the key to unlocking Malaysia's rare earth potential: Minister 


Yang Fan, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Waste separation and recycling can promote the reuse of rare earth resources (need Google Trans) 


A brief analysis of the attention of CRE index and capital market on rare earth in the 26th week of 2019 (need Google Trans) 


China Has A Powerful Trade Weapon: Rare Earths, Used In Green Energy Products  


Rare Earth Chinese exports drop 16 percent in May Month  


Entrepreneur minister says Malaysia’s downstream rare earths potential worth RM100b 


Malaysia can draw up to $33b in rare earth investment over next 10 years: Minister 


Wyoming may hold the key to the rare earth minerals trade war with China 


Which commodities cross the line into 2020 as winners?  


Trump has Exaggerated the Threat of China’s Monopoly on Rare Earths 


Technology trends driving mining’s future  


Celebrate our independence and protect it 


Replacing rare earth elements with cheaper more abundant elements 


Christmas Comes Early To Rare Earth Miners 


What will the US defense industry do when China cuts off rare earth supplies?  


Rare Earths in the Crosshairs 


Common element combos could replace rare-Earth metals in electronics 


Can China’s Rare Earth Monopoly Be Broken? 


High-level roundtable on July 10 to discuss future of rare earths industry  


This Is How to Solve America's Rare-Earths Dilemma 

MGBF to host roundtable on Future of Rare Earth Industries In Malaysia 


New rare earths association aims to drive market transparency 


Kerala economist to head EU body st&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst  


Global stakeholders launch world’s first rare earth industry association  


China opens some metal sectors to foreign investment 


Russia struggling to capitalize on rare earth reserves 


Amid US-China trade war, China aims to elevate its domestic rare earth industry 


Preparing for the Worst Has its Advantages 

Europe takes on China’s global dominance of rare earth metals

China Wrestles with the Toxic Aftermath of Rare Earth Mining 

China imported 9217 tons of rare earth carbonate from Myanmar from January to May (needs google Trans)

Cathodoluminescent lamps rival LEDs without using rare earths

China Wrestles with the Toxic Aftermath of Rare Earth Mining 

Rare earths could rise further on trade tensions

Surveys outline major drill targets for Strategic

China relaxes some foreign-investment restrictions 

Why Australia’s rare earths industry needs an ‘Elon Musk’

Mine, replace or recycle: can the US, Europe and Japan end reliance on China for rare earths?

We Must Mine Space Before China Does

America Has Been ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ on China’s Rare-Earth Threat


Escalating trade tension a red flag for rare earths


Gold, Lithium and Rare Earths spikes with Al Ford of Mining Capital

Rare earth stocks surge as China seeks greater control of supply

Explainer: U.S. dependence on China's rare earth - Trade war vulnerability

Chinese-US rare earth war could prompt India to overturn beach sand ban

China’s Rare Earths, Locked And Loaded

Rare-earths concern grows; F-35 news; Who’s acting now? And more…

Rare earths opportunity for PM 

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Rare earths industry set to be shaken up by US-China trade war

Rare earth industry association founded in Belgium

US dependence on China’s rare earths gives US domestic production a boost amid trade war

Rare earths could lead to Australian electronics manufacturing boom

of the Day: China's Rare Earth Dominance

History offers lessons in escaping China's rare-earth dominance

China May rare earth magnet exports to U.S. jump amid threat of restrictions

Kenya's mineral resources could pull millions out of poverty

Rare-Earths Mining Shows Exactly How China Cheats The United States Through ‘Free Trade’



China's grip on rare earths puts focus on Australia

GUEST COLUMN: America’s energy, tech and defense future needs growth in mining

Zimbabwe Finds Rare Mineral Deposits (REEs) – ED 

Digging Deeper: Rare Earth Metals And The US-China Trade War – Analysis

A Strategic Approach to Rare-Earth Elements as Global Trade Tensions Flare 

Strategic minerals — the new global battleground

United States aims to reshape the critical minerals world: Andy Home

Trump, Trudeau seek collaboration on 'critical minerals': White House

Global Supply Chains At Risk: Rare Earth Elements

Trump's trade war has seen the weaponising of rare earths 

Rare earths could spark Australian electronics manufacturing revival  

US Wants to Stop Being So Dependent on China for Rare Earth Metals 

New neodymium and dysprosium sources needed by 2030 to avert shortages: Adamas Intelligence

EXPLAINER-U.S. dependence on China's rare earth: Trade war vulnerability

Report: US needs more domestic sources for critical minerals 

United States out to reshape the world according to critical minerals

A strategy to supply rare earths is needed

US needs a strategy for minerals competition: It's not just rare earths

Are we ready for a rare earths trade war?

New-look generator opens door to 25MW offshore wind turbines

Without Mining There Is No 'Green Revolution' 

China Still Open To Using Rare Earths As Strategic Resource In Trade Dispute

China to tame illegal rare-earth exports, mulls tracking system 

China will roll out rare earths export policy 'as soon as possible' as Beijing readies itself to fight a long-term trade war with the US 

China’s top economic planner refuses to rule out playing rare earths card against US


China slowing rare earths shipments amid Huawei ban could harm global tech - reports

China opposes other countries using products made with its rare earths to curb Chinese development: official

China to roll out new rare earths policy ‘as soon as possible’

US military firms likely to face China rare earth restrictions, says Chinese newspaper

US-China rivalry makes rare earths a matter of national security, rather than economics 


Without mining there is no 'Green Revolution' 


Can China choke off U.S. access to 'rare earths' needed for high-tech products?

China's Rare Earth Ploy

China Risks Damaging Its Rare Earth Industry If It Puts An Embargo On Exports To The U.S.

Rare earth prices extend increases, consumers remain cautious

Could a Rare Earths Shortage Hurt the U.S. Cleantech Sector? 

US calls on Australia to develop rare earths as trade war with China strengthens

Ford Bridgend closure: the UK’s car industry could stage a revival by recycling rare earths

EU: No strategy yet if China halts critical exports in U.S. trade war 

Medium, heavy rare earth prices continue to rise on supply concerns 

US enlists Australia to secure rare earths supply

Can’t access? Read article on “A Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals (June 2019)” RE Sector General Discussion


Q&A: Downstream is top priority for rare earths


Romania Offers Rare Earths to Enter Lucrative Battery Market 

"Demand for critical energy minerals could increase almost 1,000% by 2050"


Beijing launches national survey of rare earths as stocks soar


China counts its rare earth blessings as ban speculation persists 

From rare earths to soy, the trade war will force the US and China to diversify supply


How China Could Shut Down America’s Defenses

Rare Earths And Rarer Good Sense

Rare Earths MMI: China’s Rare Earths Dominance Takes Center Stage


Like oil and gas dominance, America can win rare earth production

In May 2019, China’s rare earth exports were greatly reduced (needs Google Trans).


Like Shale dominance, America can win rare earth production

China launches survey of rare earth resources - paper   

Rare-earth exports fall 16% in May

China hints it will choke off U.S. 'rare earths' access. But it's not that easy.

Will our rare earths exports rise?

We Need To Get Serious about "Critical Materials"

China’s Rare Earth Exports Drop as Prices Jump on Possible Curbs

US Department Of Commerce Sets Out Strategy For Crucial Commodities



China's Global Times report on fall in rare earth shipments!/chinas-global-times-report-on-fall-in-rare-earth-shipments-20190610


U.S.-China trade war sparks worries about rare earth minerals

China gears up to use rare-earth advantage

Competing with the Chinese rare earths juggernaut   

China Could Restrict Export of Crucial Rare-Earth Elements as The Trade-War Escalates 


Trade Experts Unruffled About Rare Earth Minerals Supply 


The United States eyeing Rare Earths Minerals from Burundi and Malawi.


'Extremely keen' to invest in rare earth mining, Polymetal CEO says

Don’t renew Lynas’ licence if Malaysia, Australia lock horns over waste, says MP


Chinese embargo threats ring hollow due to rare earths

Let’s Talk Rare Earths, Is A Battle Coming?


Govt to boost supervision of rare earth industry 


Why Europe needs to monitor China’s rare earths threat


Exclusive: Pentagon eyes rare earth supplies in Africa in push away from China 


Rare earths companies the subject of intense buying, as China’s threats to restrict global supply sink in


Chinese Embargo Threats Ring Hollow—the Reason Why Lies in Rare Earths


iPhones and cancer drugs rely on Chinese rare-earth minerals. What happens if Beijing limits them? 


BMW and Jaguar Land Rover won't need China's rare earths for their new electric engines 


US Report Urges Action to Ensure Rare Earth Supply Amid Trade Tensions With China

China seeks to improve managing rare-earths industry

Why Tiny Magnets Could Be China's Destructive New Trade-War Weapon


Rare Earths Battle Looms as U.S. Aims to Counter China Export Threat 


US moves to reduce reliance on Chinese rare earths exports after Beijing threatens to cut supplies    

China’s ban on rare earths didn’t work on Japan and won’t work in the trade war with the US

China's Threats to Ban Rare Earth Exports Build 


China moves to shut spigot on rare earths in escalating trade war

US Commerce dpt. report wants to boost domestic rare earth production (in response the China supply threats)!/us-commerce-dpt-report-wants-to-boost-domestic-rare-earth-production-20190604 


China Stokes Rare Earths Concerns With Possible Export Controls 


Australia, Malaysia to meet over rare earths on June 20


China’s rare earths threat is likely an empty one

Beijing mulls playing its strongest card: Rare earths

Why China’s rare earths threat is no game changer in the trade war


Light rare earth oxides prices to find support after tariffs lower ore imports from US


Expert Alastair Neill on the impact of a U.S. rare earths ban


Rare Earths: China's Competitive Advantage In The U.S. Trade War

Defense could be cut off from critical materials as trade war rhetoric with China grows

Another twist in the U.S.-China battle over rare earths


Pentagon turns to coal ash to escape Chinese dominance of rare earth elements

How Not To Trade The Rare Earths Dispute