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Can’t access? Read article on “A Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals (June 2019)” RE Sector General Discussion


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"Demand for critical energy minerals could increase almost 1,000% by 2050"


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Like oil and gas dominance, America can win rare earth production

In May 2019, China’s rare earth exports were greatly reduced (needs Google Trans).


Like Shale dominance, America can win rare earth production

China launches survey of rare earth resources - paper   

Rare-earth exports fall 16% in May

China hints it will choke off U.S. 'rare earths' access. But it's not that easy.

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US Department Of Commerce Sets Out Strategy For Crucial Commodities



China's Global Times report on fall in rare earth shipments!/chinas-global-times-report-on-fall-in-rare-earth-shipments-20190610


U.S.-China trade war sparks worries about rare earth minerals

China gears up to use rare-earth advantage

Competing with the Chinese rare earths juggernaut   

China Could Restrict Export of Crucial Rare-Earth Elements as The Trade-War Escalates 


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The United States eyeing Rare Earths Minerals from Burundi and Malawi.


'Extremely keen' to invest in rare earth mining, Polymetal CEO says

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BMW and Jaguar Land Rover won't need China's rare earths for their new electric engines 


US Report Urges Action to Ensure Rare Earth Supply Amid Trade Tensions With China

China seeks to improve managing rare-earths industry

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Rare Earths Battle Looms as U.S. Aims to Counter China Export Threat 


US moves to reduce reliance on Chinese rare earths exports after Beijing threatens to cut supplies    

China’s ban on rare earths didn’t work on Japan and won’t work in the trade war with the US

China's Threats to Ban Rare Earth Exports Build 


China moves to shut spigot on rare earths in escalating trade war

US Commerce dpt. report wants to boost domestic rare earth production (in response the China supply threats)!/us-commerce-dpt-report-wants-to-boost-domestic-rare-earth-production-20190604 


China Stokes Rare Earths Concerns With Possible Export Controls 


Australia, Malaysia to meet over rare earths on June 20


China’s rare earths threat is likely an empty one

Beijing mulls playing its strongest card: Rare earths

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Defense could be cut off from critical materials as trade war rhetoric with China grows


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Chinese scientists find faster way to extract rare earths that may also cut industry pollution

China escalates rare earths threat at U.S. in response to technology ban


China prepares to strike back at US as Huawei suffers another loss

U.S. Can Get Heavy Rare Earths Only From China: SMM

Lawmaker: China’s rare earths threat ‘could cripple a nation’

We all need to calm down about rare earths — opinion


China willing to meet reasonable rare earth demand from other countries

China could use rare earth metals embargo to land killer blow on US defense industry


China’s saber-rattling on rare-earths trade has US officials looking for options 


Rare earths projects benefit from US-China tensions 

China will deepen reform and promote the high-quality development of rare earth industry (needs google Trans)

Companies Like Apple That Depend on Rare Earth Metals Have Nowhere to Turn

Eyeing China, Pentagon briefs Congress on rare earths report


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China's Latest Trade Threat Could Actually Turn Out To Be A Huge Opportunity For the US


Dow Flails After ‘Devastating’ Beijing Bombshell Pummels Trump

The US should think that China has a rare earth card (needs Google Trans)


Rare Earth Market Crazy Ace Value Geometry (needs Google Trans) 


'Don't say we didn't warn you!'

China's Rare Earth Metals Aren't the Trade War Weapon Beijing Makes Them Out to Be

Discerning investors could book huge gains as China puts the squeeze on rare earths


U.S. Risks ‘Devastating’ Blow From China’s Rare Earths Monopoly 


US will rue forcing China's hand on rare earths

China will not rule out using rare earth exports as leverage in trade war with US

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With Communist China Threatening Rare-Earth Export Restrictions, Canada Should Utilize Our Own Immense Potential Rare Earth Resources

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Industry chain can help retain rare-earth primacy

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China's sway over tech metals under scrutiny after Huawei swoop 


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China Could Use Mineral Supply As Trade Secret Weapon


China to end government subsidies for onshore wind power generation projects by 2021, state planning agency says 


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Op-Ed: Trade War — China could ban export of rare earth minerals 


Top Rare Earth Reserves by Country


Rare earth elements aren’t the secret weapon China thinks they are

If China hits back hard in trade war, it could be bad news for tech manufacturing, stocks and Apple, especially 

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China's rare earth supplies vital bargaining chip in trade war 

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China Victory Assured With Any US/Iran Conflict

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Don't forget that China can levy sanctions, too

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China can use US' own tactics to counter it

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China And Neodymium Industry


US need for rare earths an ace in Beijing’s hand

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 U.S. Senate ponders EV supply chain development 

 WVU expert briefs Congressional committee on extracting rare earth elements from coal

US China Trade Impasse Threatens US Lithium, Rare Earth Imports 


U.S.-China Impasse Threatens Rare Earth Trade   

US faces squeeze on rare earths


Today's Market View - China hits back at sole US rare earth miner


China's Grip on Rare Earths in Spotlight as Trump Ducks Tariffs 

This Week on Capitol Hill: 5G, National Security and IP; Oversight of the FCC; and Renewable Energy Technology Development development/id=109184/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&


Lone U.S. Rare-Earth Miner Is a Target of China Tariffs, CEO Says

Trade impasse threatens US lithium, rare earth imports

China must be stopped from taking over the world


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Searching for a less environmentally harmful way to extract rare earth metals



Critical thinking: environmental responsibility and rare earths

 It’s now or never for rare earth recycling


US tariffs to affect China metal exports: Correction


Reliance on Foreign Minerals Leaves America at Risk 


US tariffs to have mixed impact on China metal exports 

Arctic Council Discusses Fate of Northern Resources and Climate


A Capitol idea

This U.S. bipartisan bill aims to reduce America’s critical minerals dependency


RIU Sydney Resources Round-up paints positive outlook for base metals


Electric time for energy hopefuls


Congressman Raul Grijalva’s Mining Law Hampers US National, Economic, and Energy Security

The Downside to Renewable Energy


What China Wants From Africa? Everything 

Tesla warns of coming battery minerals shortage

‘We don’t want that weakness exposed’: US Senator Lisa Murkowski seeks new law to offset China’s dominance in electric vehicle supply chains


$2 trillion infrastructure plan will require mega metals


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Tesla expects global shortage of electric vehicle battery minerals - Reuters 


Rare earth magnet recovery feeds new hard drives

Aussie scientists have discovered an effective way to recycle rare earths metals