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(October 2018) - If you have been following the Rare Earths (RE) sector for a while you will realize that we are presently in a very interesting period for investors. While RE have been mined for decades it was only around 2010 - 11 that they hit the investor radar due initially to a Chinese Japanese confrontation, which led to rocketing RE and sector stock prices. However, the euphoria was short lived as we then experienced the negative impact of crashing RE and stock prices. Chinese price domination, product substitution and material stockpiling etc., were just some of the reactions to the events of 2010-11 that depressed the RE investment world into 2016. 

Both RE element and company stock pricing from to 2012 to 2016 have been in the doldrums. Nobody seemed interested in giving this sector any respect at all. However, this languishing RE environment may now be changing. Today, most analysts and investors seem focussed on the critical metals Lithium and Cobalt etc; in particular, in relation to the development of electric vehicles (EV).  Yet, buried under this focus is the germinating idea that RE will also come to play a much greater role in the green revolution. 

In fact, as early as 2020 we may see the RE supply demand ratio clash, at least in terms of world need for Neodymium (Nd) and Praseodymium (Pr); two of the 17 RE elements. Therefore, the question for RE investors today is do you believe this predicted RE/green scenario will play out? Further, if you do hold this view how will you get out in front of this coming RE demand wave? Specifically, which are the companies that will emerge as the beneficiaries of this potential investment windfall?


Note Oct 2019 - as an update to the above written in 2018, there is now no doubt that the RE sector is front and center of the green revolution. Several of the RE elements (e.g., Nd, Pr, Dy, etc) are now seen as vital to the EV commercial surge, as well as the many more gadgets with RE components used by much of the globe. Further, the US China trade issues have put RE into a strategic spot light, which has seen the US, AUS and EU etc moving towards an attempt to break Chinese dominance in terms of RE mining and related product production at least, initially, for the military. The questions now for RE investors include what are the macro events that will drive this sector momentum over the next 12 - 24 months; never mind the next decades?  Which non chinese RE companies are likely to become involved in these new potential value chains moves?

To assist you in answering RE related questions was the reason for launching RE investors now have a niche site that will help in providing rich focused content and up to date public information on a slew of RE topics/areas. All this information can be used to help guide analysis of the RE sector. Again, most importantly, the website will help provide investors the opportunity to identify RE companies that may stand to benefit the most from the potential growth in this sector. 

Further, the included Rare Earths Investor Forum is designed to add another rich information source for investors. There are dozens of boards focused on RE related issues and companies, etc., which  contain member viewpoints as well as relevant news articles and videos.  There is no other free forum online with a niche RE focus that presently provides such a range of public information for RE investors at one site; particularly,  investors who are prepared to spend some time researching in depth on RE topics/companies of interest. Note - this is the only RE site built to allow easy interchange back and forth between the rich RE news website and the Forum. This enables you to cross reference and to cut and paste published information to a board, which can both  inform others and/or support a personal posted idea.  

There are no company recommendations made on this site; your investment decisions are your own.  The sections on the website are designed to allow you to get RE - *daily news, *content rich articles, *company presentations/interviews, *specific company website based details, *Chinese news,*forum access, *company stock prices and *blog observations from yours truly, etc; all to aid your own decision making. Again, the RE FORUM is another excellent source of information with opinions and ideas posted as well as news items that may not be found on the main REI  website pages. Check it out, accounts are free - 

Please, bookmark this site at if RE are on your investment screen and also let others of like interest know about this new web based information source. Good luck with your Rare Earths investing. 

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