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(October 2018) - As to my background, I am not a stock analyst nor a geologist or a miner. I am a retired teacher who has been investing in Rare Earths (RE) since 2010. I have made and lost money in this sector, where both hype and depression have run rampant. However, I have developed a strong interest in the RE sector, which I believe is on the cusp of a major move forward. Yes, I am a long term bull. I would not have bothered setting this all up if I was a bear on RE.

Yet, up front, I have not built this website so that I can tout any specific RE company. Rather, my interest is in sharing information, ideas and perspectives about the RE sector with others of like interest. Specifically, you will find here at your fingertips  a number of different sources of information on both the RE sector and individual companies. Further, there is also a forum provided with the opportunity for posting your ideas  and replying to those of other like minded users.  

Please take full advantage of this new all inclusive rare earths investor information and communication resource. Everything on www.rareearthsinvestor.com is free! Remember to sign up for a RE FORUM account at - (https://rareearthsinvestor.discussion.community/) and help build both your RE knowledge and a new RE community.

Here's several links on rare earths. including a summary of the 17 RE elements at  http://www.rareearthtechalliance.com/What-are-Rare-Earths and a Metalpedia RE sector overview at   


As always, the old disclaimer, no investment advice is given on this site - do your own due diligence. Remember, we own our own successes (and failures). ENJOY.

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